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The Indescribable Beauty Of The Sun Setting Over Tachibana Bay Will Cause You To Forget The Passage Of Time Itself.

The Indescribable Beauty Of The Sun Setting Over Tachibana Bay Will Cause You To Forget The Passage Of Time Itself.

The Obama Hot Spring Resort was established in the year 713 when it was written in the ancient text, “Hizen Fudoki”, that hot springs could be seen flowing from the southwest of Takaku Peak.

Even today, it boasts the hottest springs in Japan, with over 30 springs throughout the town producing over 15,000 tons of water per day that can reach temperatures as high as 105°C.


Obama Town Museum of Historical Materials

The residence of Honda Yudayuu is preserved as a historical heritage site while serving as the centre of information on the history, transport, hot springs and sights of Obama Town.


Obama Champon

When in Obama, “Obama Champon” comes highly recommended. It is the speciality of approximately 20 competing restaurants in town, each with its own unique flavour. If you can’t decide on which one to eat, why not try them all?


Therapeutic Dolphin Watching

Take the boat from Kazusa for approximately 15 minutes. An excursion to watch the wild dolphins that live at the entrance to the Ariake Sea and the Hayasaki Strait is sure to make a lasting impression.

The fact that the dolphins can be seen all year round is a major advantage. This truly is the experience of a lifetime.

Kanahama Spectacles Bridge

A reconstruction of the stone bridge that was constructed over Kanahama River in 1846. Its elegant arch shape is reflected on the surface of the water.


Hexagonal Well

This is the legendary well that is said to have been created when the Buddhist monk Kobo Daishi used the power of Buddhism to make water flow from the ground and rescue the area from drought. It is known as the Hexagonal Well for its six-sided shape.

Hexagonal Well and Kaminokawa Spring

Affectionately known by the locals as “Shoya Motomae Spring”, Hexagonal Well’s copiously flowing pure water attracts people from near and far. Amazingly, Kaminokawa Spring is the only place in which cold springs, commonly known as carbonate springs which contain iron and carbonate, flow from the ground.


Green Tunnel

From spring to summer, the trees that line either side of the road grow a thick canopy to form a tunnel. Beside the road which was once a railway track are stones that mark where the station buildings once stood.

Mokichi Saito Poetry Inscription

The poet Mokichi Saito visited Obama during his time as a professor at the Nagasaki Vocational School of Medicine (now Nagasaki University).
So moved was he by the Obama sunset that he composed a poem that has been inscribed on a plaque for all to read.


Kyushu Fireworks Tournament

Pyrotechnicians from all over Kyushu gather and compete against one another by showing off the latest fireworks they have created especially for the competition.
Nothing can compare with the spectacle of fireworks over the sea.


Obama Marine Park Hot Foot 105

At 105m in length, it is the longest ashiyu foot spa in Japan. The 105m long foot spa is equipped with facilities including food steamers, water-cooling stones, seated foot spas, walking foot spas and foot spas for pets.

Obama Hot Spring Tourism Association