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Sugito: Post-station on the Nikko Highway

Sugito: Post-station on the Nikko Highway

The town of Sugito, which is located in Saitama Prefecture, is one of the original post-station towns developed along the Nikko Highway during the Edo period. The Highway begins in Nihonbashi, Tokyo, and stretches all the way to Nikko in Tochigi Prefecture.

400th Anniversary

I traveled to Sugito which is one of 21 post towns along the Highway and joined a festival celebrating the 400th anniversary of the town.

This festival was held by the people living there and their efforts truly displayed an incredible sense of pride the people of Sugito have for their town.

From young people to old people, every member of the town joined the event wearing traditional costumes as they danced throughout the streets.

A Traditional City

Many buildings from the past still exist along the streets of Sugito. The town’s atmosphere is rich with ancient history and remnants of lives lived long ago.

Each region has similar festivals; traditions passed over from ancient people allowing history and culture to survive and be remembered.

I hope you can also join a similar festival in Japan, especially in a lesser-known area like sugito. You are sure to have an experience that is unique and definitive in your trip to Japan.