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Tokyo Skytree/Asakusa: Skyway to Heaven

Tokyo Skytree/Asakusa: Skyway to Heaven

Tokyo Skytree is the highest radio tower in the world. While the closest station may be Oshiage, it is conveniently located near Asakusa (about a 15 min. walk). Traveling to the Skytree via Asakusa gives a more cultural, well-rounded experience.

Along the Way to the Tokyo Skytree

As you leave Asakusa station, you might be excited to walk straight to the Skytree but before doing so, I suggest you check out some of the local attractions the area has to offer. Asakusa’s famouse temple Sensoji is an amazing feat of human creation. The street along the way to the temple is cluttered with small shops selling various trinkets and snacks. Many of the shops have traditional japanese snacks available such as taiyaki (fish shaped sweet bean pastry), matcha ice cream, and takoyaki. Traditional style japanese domiciles decorate the Asakusa area giving the sense of what it must have felt like long ago. They occasionaly have festivals here which bring masses from all over the world. If you are lucky enough to go on the right day, you will definitely be in for a treat!

Underground Market

Underneath Asakusa station you will find a small market. Here you can check out some hidden spots the locals enjoy to dine at, as well as some interesting bars etc. I strongly recommend the Thai restaurant here (Montee), although its difficult to get in without a reservation. If you are more interested in a Japanese meal, you have a lot to choose from (Ramen, udon, yakitori, etc). This is the perfect little secret spot to fill up before heading to the Skytree.

Enjoying the View

The tower reaches 634meters (2080feet) into the sky and on a clear day, you can even see Mt.Fuji from the glass-walled observation deck which towers above Tokyo. It’s definitely worth the long wait at the bottom and an experience like no other.

Located at the foot of the Skytree is an entertaining shopping district named “Tokyo Solamachi”. Here you can find a number of interesting restaurants, shops, and cafes which are each unique in their own special way. Many of the shops here sell a wide selection of japanese souveniers, clothing, toys, and makeup. Solamachi is a fun and exciting place to spend your time waiting to ride the high speed elevator to the top of the tower.